Client Testimonials



“If you are looking for excellent, fast and perfect service for your international events and translations of documents…. This is the place – Reliable Translations!”— Alma Rosa Baca




“On time payment, good rates and have solid clientele. Owner Cristal is always friendly and professional. And as the lead interpreter of the company, she’s always on the fronts line with her interpreters. A language company that treats both their clients and linguists well.”— Xiao P.



Photo of Garabet M.“I have worked with Cristal on several occasions. I can definitely state that she is a real business woman and knows how to establish cordiality and at the same time have a very professional relationship with her vendors. I definitely recommend her for any kind of translation projects!!!”

– Garabet M.


“These guys are the best!  Fast, responsive, professional, and with the highest level of quality I’ve heard of.  I’ve referred three of my friends to this business for Russian, Japanese, and Arabic.  Cristal is amazing with Spanish, and they cover just about every language you can imagine (Mandarin, Thai, German, French, etc.).

At first, I found them terrific at legal document translation.  However, I very quickly learned that if you need a team of simultaneous translators put together at the last minute for a convention, Cristal and John can get it done (and make it look easy).  I recommend Reliable Translations without reservation.”

– Michael C.


“I have worked with Cristal and John as a Chinese interpreter and they have always been very efficient and helpful.  They send me pertinent information concerning the interpretation sessions beforehand so my assignments have always been successful and enjoyable.”

– Eric C.


“I have worked for Reliable Translations for a while now. They are the most professional people that I have ever worked with. They are always looking out for the benefit of the client and giving them exactly what they want, helping us interpreters working for them to become better at what we do. I feel very lucky to work for them and I DEFINITELY recommend them for any projects. You will encounter nothing but professionalism and efficiency.”

– Andrea M.


“I work with Cristal and John from Reliable Translations on a weekly basis for translations of documents, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. I routinely request up to 5 languages for 1 event and they always deliver professional interpreters at the best rates in Los Angeles. Document translations are done with a great turnaround time and always accurate.

I would highly recommend using Reliable Translations for all of your foreign language needs.”

– Sura H.


“Reliable Translations performs translations with the best quality and fastest service around. They are also very inexpensive. It’s no wonder they are the fasted growing translations company in California! If you need a translation, call or email them and you’ll see. Great translations! Great interpretations! You will not be disappointed!”

– Chris V.


“I worked as a Chinese/English interpreter for Reliable Translations a year ago.  My experience with them has been excellent!  They make sure we are on time and well prepared, meaning if there are materials for the event available we will always get them to go over, so that we know the content of the discussion ahead of time.  They also treat their interpreters well, and as a result they can recruit the best interpreters for any language pair.”

– Richard S.


“Reliable Translations is easily the most dependable translations company around. They are very professional and will handle your translation needs quickly and conveniently. There really is nothing to it. Just tell them what you need translated and what language and they will get it done for you exactly as needed and when you need it. Very easy!”

– John L.


“Reliable Translations has been wonderful for our Spanish translation work. We are able to get jobs done as quickly as we need them, and the customer service is phenomenal.”

-Nell M.


“Had them translate my German birth certificate into English. Always quick in responding to e-mails. After getting quotes from many translation services, I found them to be the most affordable. Half to 1/3 of the price that other companies charge. One day turn around! I’m very satisfied with the translation of the document and customer service. Highly recommended!”

-Kim F.


“Very pleased with the service from Reliable Translations. After receiving a translation from elsewhere that wasn’t up to the standards we needed, Reliable Translations was able to turn around a new version in less than 14 hours. Cristal was extremely responsive when I called with this project. She contacted the appropriate translator immediately to get an assessment of how the existing translation could be revised or overhauled, and provided a quote and payment information all within less than an hour from our first contact.

I would highly recommend Reliable Translations, especially if you want to work with a company that understands the purpose and nature of the translation and uses native-speaking talent to complete the projects.”

– Madeline D.


“Thanks to Crystal and John for helping me with some last minute document translations and interpreter services. They came through on such short notice.”

– Tony C.