Our Competitive Edge

Reliable Translations, Inc. delivers a consistently excellent product to each business sector it services by setting and conforming to strict quality control standards. These standards are based on the results of an extensive survey conducted among industry clients and professionals, which revealed certain weaknesses in servicing within the language service industry. As such, Reliable Translations, Inc. has developed a servicing approach that revolves around quality of service and 100% client satisfaction.


    • Translation is 100% human-generated and proofread by translators who fluently speak the target language


    • Translation assignment given to the most appropriate specialized team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors


    • Only experienced and seasoned interpreters are recruited and selected based on their language fluency and experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting


    • Reliable Translations, Inc. is the ONLY interpreting agency with a team of interpreters who specialize in Labor and Political interpretations, one factor which gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors.


    • Simple fees. While other agencies have a complex system of billing with extra fees and surcharges added to the final bill (such as travel, mileage, parking, etc.), Reliable Translations, Inc. charges ONLY what has been quoted and approved by the client and DOES NOT tack on any extra fees or hidden charge.


    • Highly-qualified service providers dedicated to providing high-volume of service on a regular, consistent basis to select clients, whereas other agencies have a large network of servicers given sporadic and unsteady flow of assignments.


  • No out-sourcing. All translators and interpreters within the company‚Äôs network are local and reside within the servicing area.