Become A Valuable Asset

An agency can only be as strong and successful as its weakest link. Therefore, your value as an interpreter & translator is determined by three key factors listed below in their order of importance:

    • Professionalism:

    The better you are at what you do the more valuable you become as an interpreter. Simultaneous interpreters are considered the most valuable type of interpreters because they are capable of working fast and under pressure. The more you hone your skills and become competent at interpreting under strange and strenuous situations, the more valuable you will become as an interpreter. Being ethical and creating excellent PR for yourself and the agency are also part of being professional.


    • Dedication:

    Dedication can be divided into a) your commitment to constantly improve your skills and b) your commitment to keeping the assignments you are booked for. A flaky interpreter who cancels continuously and without enough notice, or who can’t be counted on to arrive to assignments on time is a dangerous interpreter. They can cost the agency money and, more importantly, they can cost an agency a client or even their reputation. If you are a free-lance interpreter or translator working with multiple clients and agencies, you might be tempted at times to cancel one assignment for another that is more convenient or pays better. But doing this too often will inevitably result in the long run in a lack of trust in you and a scarcity of work.


    • Personal Growth:

    The only thing better than a great interpreter, is an interpreter who keeps getting better all the time! Personal growth is often confused with fancy diplomas and lofty curricula, but in reality, personal growth can be defined as: “An individual’s constant effort to learn things that improve his chances for success and happiness, and his ability to apply them in his day to day life”. For an interpreter, this might mean reading an article about linguistics each day, taking a communications improvement course or even watching movies with subtitles in a different language. If it makes you better at what you do; it’s personal growth.


Getting started


    Please send all forms to: info[at]   

Step 1

Download and fill out the Linguist Application.

Email or fax it back to us and we will be in touch shortly.

Step 2

If your application is approved, next you will need to fill out the Linguist Contract.

This one will require a physical signature, so you’ll want to print it out.

Step 3

Congratulations! We’re ready to put you on the payroll. Well, almost. There’s just a bit more legal stuff to get out of the way. Please fill out and return the W-9 form. Almost there…