Translations for any type of documents

The word translation is typically used for written documents that need to be translated from one language to another (as opposed to the word interpretation, which is used to refer to spoken translation).

At Reliable Translations, we determine our pricing based on the language the document is written in (source language), the language the document needs to be translated into (target language) and the total word count of the document before it’s translated (source words). No project is too small for us and we accept documents in almost any format (PDF, Excel, Word, Power Point, Jpeg, etc.)

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  • Certified Translation: Certified translations are typically used for legal documents which need to hold up under potential scrutiny in court. Certified translations are only done by certified translators and come with a Notarized Certificate of Translation that includes the translator’s Certificate No.
  • Translation with “Certificate of Translation”: Certain legal documents such as Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates, High School and University Diplomas, Licenses, etc. require a regular Certificate of Translation to prove that the document was translated by a professional translator and was not altered in any way.
  • Legal Translation: Any document such as a contract, statute, decree, liabilities report, etc. that is written in legalese.
  • Technical Translation: Any document that is written with the nomenclature of a specific and technical trade/industry, such as: Engineering, Medical, Finance, etc.